Action Flooring specializes in Sheet Vinyl Flooring Installation

Sheet vinyl flooring is vinyl flooring that comes in large, continuous, flexible sheets. Sheet Vinyl flooring is used because it’s water- impervious, and fairly durable.
Preparing for Installation

It all starts off with careful floor prep. With the right planning and adhesive, learning how to set up vinyl floors can be installed over nearly every clean, dried out surface. In the event that you plan to set it up over concrete, look for extra dampness by gluing down a 3 x 3-feet. little bit of vinyl floors and taping the sides.


A flawlessly steady surface is vital for a great-looking floor unit installation, and easy and simple & most foolproof approach to accomplishing this on wood-framed flooring is to set up a coating of 1/4-in. plywood underlayment over the prevailing floor.

Clean and precise installation on your time.

Upon arrival the installation space should be clear of all furniture as well as any wall decor. Electronics should be unplugged and removed. If needed, our professionals are happy to remove larger pieces of furniture such as, sofas, dressers and tables. Should an item require disassembly- an additional fee may apply. To remove oversized or fragile pieces from the area, homeowners should make alternate arrangements prior to installation. A few days ahead of installation the flooring will arrive at your home. Once you have received your new flooring, you can reconfirm the installation details with our specialists. For piece of mind call 208-995-9186
During the installation process, the homeowner can expect a certain amount of noise and debris. While the installation takes place, Action Flooring 208 strongly encourages children and pets to be in another area of the home.
Understandably the last thing you’ll want to do after a complete installation is clean your home. We assure you, your space will be treated as if it is our own. As we complete your hard surface flooring installation, our specialists will clean up and excess debris and remove the old flooring from your home. To keep your flooring in its best condition, we recommend regular cleanings following the best practices for your particular flooring.